Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn about my vision for the future of UNC.

From the start of my journey at Carolina, I knew I had come to the right place. From bonding over capoeira with fellow classmates at Carolina Kickoff to having meaningful conversations with strangers promoting causes or organizations in the Pit (those strangers most likely became friends), from participating in the Service and Leadership Living and Learning Community, to standing for 24-hours for Dance Marathon (#FTK), to visiting the picturesque Outer Banks for the Environmental Alternative Fall Break, it is without a doubt that these experiences, amongst others, have enriched my view of our University and our student body.

When I sat down with my team to write our vision for the university, we took into account all of our collective experiences, and this became the foundation for the platform. My platform is centered around the idea that every student has a voice to proactively address the most pressing issues that affect us on this campus. My Student Government will actively engage with you and take your message to heart. My platform is one that is organic and evolving because I intend for my administration to be inclusive and receptive to all of your concerns and feedback.

From day one as Student Body President, I will actively listen to you because in my Student Government you will have a seat at the table.

Over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to listen to numerous Carolina voices. From Carolina Kickoff and Carolina United to my involvement in the Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor, Admissions Ambassadors, the Scholars’ Latino Initiative, Students United for Immigrant Equality and the Executive Board of the Campus Y, I have exposed myself to students who have made me think critically and who have helped me develop as a person. This is the Carolina I stand for - a Carolina for all.

The skills and knowledge that I have gained through immigration advocacy, such as lobbying and engaging members of Congress, are the same necessary skills for being an effective and successful Student Body President. From day one, I will be your number one advocate because I believe UNC deserves no less.

I look forward to meeting and making your acquaintance as I campaign. I strongly encourage you to ask me or my team any questions that may arise. Should you want to reach me directly, please email me at evicente@live.unc.edu.

I look forward to having a blast throughout this campaign.